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Gun Safe Reviews

Our Reviews

We do our best to provide the most accurate information about gun safes.  As responsible gun owners we want to ensure three things:

  • Keep guns out of the hands of bad guys.
  • Keep guns out the hands of children.
  • Ensure the guns are accessible when needed.

The GunBox Biometric Hand Gun SafeSleek modern design meets state-of-the-art technology.4.8

36 reviews
Protex Safe Fingerprint Wall Safe ReviewA sturdy and well-rated wall safe to secure and conceal weapons and valuables in your home.4.7

18 reviews
Sentry Safe Biometric Quick Access Pistol Safe A compact and powerful solution for your home’s defense, perfect for concealing, storing and gaining quick and quiet access to your tactical firearm.4.4

330 reviews
Barska Top Opening Biometric Drawer SafeSpecifically designed to be housed in a desk or dresser drawer, or mounted to a flat surface for the ultimate in convenience and accessibility.4.4

211 reviews
LockSAFE Personal Biometric Pistol SafeThe Personal Biometric Pistol Safe (PBS-001) gives you security, peace of mind, and protection for you, your loved ones, and home.4.4

103 reviews
Barska Biometric SafeThe top-selling biometric gun safe on the market. A versatile option and a great value.4.3

663 reviews
Barska Mini Biometric SafeA hot-selling compact safe for valuables, documents, and more. It's perfect for a handgun and it can fit right next to your bed.4.3

220 reviews
GunVault SpeedVault SVB500Unlike most safes that take up closet space or sit conspicuously atop a shelf, the SpeedVault safe can go wherever you want quick access to your weapon.4.2

660 reviews
Barska Biometric Wall SafeA discrete wall safe ideal for holding pistols, personal items, and important documents out of sight in your home or office.4.2

13 reviews
Gunvault MicroVault XL MVB1000The safe has the capacity to hold a small pistol and several personal belongings. It features top of the line biometrics technology and can store up to 120 users.4.1

117 reviews
Stack-On PS-20-B Large Biometric Gun SafeComplete with two removable shelves, the safe has the capacity for storing pistols, ammunition, and other personal belongings. 4.1/b>

110 reviews
Barska Quick Access Biometric Rifle SafeThe top-selling biometric rifle safe. Affordable, convenient, secure, and compact.3.9

310 reviews
Viking Security Safe VS-35An affordable biometric gun safe with capacity to store up to 100 fingerprints.3.9

48 reviews
Stack-On PS-10-B Biometric Personal SafeA small but secure battery-operated personal safe with a removable interior shelf.3.8

205 reviews
Barska Large Biometric Rifle SafeThe safe is large enough to hold a rifle with scope and other accessories, as well as a shotgun.3.7

11 reviews
GunVault MicroVault Biometric MVB500 Pistol Gun SafeOut of several biometric pistol safes in the GunVault lineup, the Microvault MVB 500 sets itself apart with its compact size, easy access, and great price.3.6

224 reviews
Stack-On PS-5-B Drawer SafeThis safe is the perfect size to store firearms in a bedside table, chest of drawers, or in your desk at work.3.6

88 reviews
Bio Box Biometric Personal SafeThe Bio Box biometric personal safe is an extremely small personal safe, that employs popular biometric technology.3.6

40 reviews
Stack-On QAS-1200-B SafeThe Stack-On QAS-1200-B can easily hold a handgun, small personal valuables, laptop, or other electronics.3.4

22 reviews
GunVault GVB2000 MultiVault Biometric Gun SafeThe MultiVault has capacity for multiple handguns and uses GunVault’s innovative biometric opening system designed for lightning fast recognition. 3.3

81 reviews
Barska Biometric Compact Portable SafeSmall enough to fit almost anywhere, perfectly adequate for holding small valuables or handguns. (Temporarily out of stock.)3.3

13 reviews
Barska Biometric Extra Large Rifle SafeNearly 5 feet tall, this safe is the largest on the market that also offers biometric technology.3.1

8 reviews

What we review…


The capacity of a gun safe is one of the top things you need to think about when choosing a gun safe.  Are you in need of a gun safe for a single handgun to keep in your bedside table?  Do you need a larger unit capable of holding several rifles and shotguns?  Maybe an intermediate safe that can hold a few magazine, your Glock, and a passport?  The number of guns your are storing makes a big difference in what safes you should be shopping for

Locking Mechanism

The locking mechanism is the heart and soul of the safe.  There are a few different options out there nowadays.

Combination Locks

The traditional manual, combination style locks.  They are the most secure of the locks but they take longer to open when seconds count.  The technology is proven though since combination locks have been around for hundreds of years.

Key Locks

Another manual and secure choice is the traditional key lock.  Keylocks have been around for hundreds of years also and offer a speed advantage over the combination locks.  However, a skilled locksmith could potentially pick a lock on this type of safe.  It is slightly unlikely but it is a concern worth mentioning here.  One other disadvantage is that people do lose their keys.  Sad to say but it does happen.  Can you imagine the feeling when you need to get to your gun fast and you realize that you don’t know where you put the keys?  Well, you never want to have that feeling.

Electronic Keypad Locks

This was the first major jump in technology and the electronic keypad offered a big advantage over the previous safes.  There was a significant speed advantage over the old style combination locks.  However, there was not any key to lose like the tradition key locks.  This proved to be a great improvement.  There are always trade offs and gun safe locking mechanisms are no exception.  Electronic keypads are battery powered so they do have a chance to be without power if you do not keep fresh batteries in the electronic unit.  They do have much longer lasting batteries now and with lithium style batteries that have a very long shelf life, this is less of a concern.  We change the batteries at the same time as our smoke detectors – in the spring and fall.

Biometric Fingerprint Locks

This was another huge leap in technology.  Biometric gun safes have been around for a few years – once the technology for fingerprint readers was available at a reasonable cost.  Again, this increased the speed for opening a safe when seconds count.  It was a critical upgrade to the gun safe industry. (The technological improvement actually impacted all types of safes, not just the gun safes that we are interested in.)  The locks are opened by simply placing your finger over the sensor and the locking mechanism opens up within a second.  The speed is unbelievable.  The same downside as the electronic keypads is present – batteries in the power unit can fail over time.


The construction of the safes vary and some units are bigger and tougher than other units.


Each manufacturer provides a different warranty level.  Safes should last a very long time but the electronic versions do have a finite life span.


We do our research.  We scour the internet for reviews and in most cases we refer to one of the largest retailers in the world for their reviews, Amazon.  So we provide an overview on what owners think of the safes.