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Barska Top Opening Biometric Drawer Safe

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Barska Quality

Over the past several years, gun owners have been expressing their satisfaction over the Barska’s expanding lineup of gun safes.  Each of these safes employ the use of Barska’s impressively reliable one-finger biometric opening system, but each comes in a unique shape and size for storing different sizes of firearms and valuables throughout your home, business, or vehicle.  To that tune, the company created the Top Opening Biometric Drawer Safe that’s specifically designed to be housed in a desk or dresser drawer or mounted to a flat surface for the ultimate in convenience and accessibility.

barska drawer biometric safeGun Safe Specifications

The Barska Top Opening Safe measures 14.75” x 11.25” x 5” and can fit in any drawer, cabinet, or other flat-bottomed space with those approximate dimensions.  The single internal compartment measures 14.5” x 11” x 2.5” and offers enough space for two handguns and their magazines, or a combination of one handgun and your other valuable possessions.  The safe is lined with a protective floor mat to make sure your valuables aren’t scratched, though it’s unlikely they’ll experience much movement when bolted down to your surface of choice.

Barska Top-Opening Drawer Safe Video Review

Fingerprint Capacity and Locking Mechanism

in-drawer gun safe

Like the standard Barska Biometric Safe, the Drawer Safe can be programmed with up to 30 user fingerprints and will only open upon recognition of one of those pre-programmed prints.  The top opening door of the safe opens and closes by way of dual hydraulic hinges that are designed to slide open quickly and prevent from slamming closed on your fingers.  The safe locks shut with a reinforced motorized deadbolt mechanism with two solid steel locking bolts.  Though designed for mounting in the drawer of a desk, dresser, or filing cabinet, the safe comes with mounting hardware for fastening to any flat surface like the floor of a closet or underneath your bed.

barska fingerprint drawer safeBuild Integrity and Warranty

The 3/16” thick door and 1/16” thick steel body are not graded for protection against fire or excessive heat.  However, most users seem impressed with the overall structural integrity of the safe, especially when compared to other larger Barska safes–perhaps the compact size and small dimensions help to fortify the safe’s walls.

The Top Opening Biometric Drawer Safe is backed by Barska’s 1-year limited warranty against material and manufacturing defects.  The safe weighs 21-pounds, operates on 4 AA batteries, and comes with two sets of back-up keys for manual entry.

Customer Reviews

129 out of 183 Amazon purchasers have given the safe a rating of 5-stars and an additional 30 users gave it 4-stars for an overall rating of 4.4/5.  One reviewer (BritGuy) said of the safe, “Fingerprint recognition was simple and worked first time.  Tried other people’s fingerprints and it wont open – only the registered ones work…Construction is sturdy and enough to deter someone from getting at a firearm.”  A user who gave the Barska Top Opening Safe 4-stars said, “The only complaint I have and the only reason I didn’t give it 5 stars is that the mounting hardware included is not great and there weren’t any mounting instructions.”  The safe is available through Amazon for about $169 or directly from Barska for $219.

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