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GunBox Biometric Hand Gun Safe

[easyazon_image add_to_cart=”default” align=”right” asin=”B00KC9LERC” cloaking=”default” height=”111″ localization=”default” locale=”US” nofollow=”default” new_window=”default” src=”http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/31Dyt2OEm3L._SL160_.jpg” tag=”biogunsafes-20″ width=”160″]The GunBox Biometric Hand Gun Safe is designed for the safe storage and carriage of handguns. Inside the home, the safe provides quick access to a gun when needed, while when traveling its secure biometric locking system prevent unauthorized access and has an audible alarm in the event of tampering. If you are flying, the GunBox has an FAA and TSA approval certification for hassle free transport.

The GunBox is a Utah-based company that manufactures all their safes in the USA. In fact, in early 2013, the sleek fingerprint gun safe “went viral,” and sold $1.5 million worth in just a couple weeks!

The technology in this product really is unmatched compared with other biometric safes in this price range. There is even an advanced model of the GunBox that comes with a 24/7 GPS monitoring and tracking system.

GunBox Video Review

gunbox biometric safe reviewTechnical Specifications

Taking a closer look at the GunBox, it has an outer casing made of an aircraft quality aluminum alloy 4 millimeters thick, and weighs a total of 4.7 pounds empty. (Amazon.com erroneously lists the weight at 6.8 pounds.)

This makes it strong and durable, but the neoprene lining on the inside will keep your weapon cushioned and scratch-free. Its outside dimensions are 11.6 x 10.0 x 2.7 inches and the inside dimensions are 8.9 x 6.5 x 1.5 inches. It has mounting holes, so is very adaptable to be mounted virtually anywhere.

The sleek modern design looks like something out of a sci-fi movie and frankly makes many of the other safes look outdated and clunky.

The gun box protects the gun, but there are a number of features that protect The GunBox. There is an audible alarm that sounds if the safe is moved or tampered with in any way. This is done through a built-in motion sensor.

An optional Kensington lock port cable and car adapter can be purchased for additional security when traveling.

gunbox reviewGunBox Biometric Technology

Access to your gun comes in the form of a biometric fingerprint scanner. Multiple fingerprints can be stored in memory to allow more than one person immediate access. This is accomplished through a 360-degree scanner that allows you to use your fingerprint or the included wristband that has an embedded RFID chip.

The power comes from a single lithium-ion battery that is included with the purchase.

To maximize the utility of the GunBox, there are two USB ports that can be used for charging other devices, such as a smartphone. While the primary power source is an AC outlet, the unit is fully functional for several hours solely on the battery power. However, without any power source the GunBox cannot be opened.

Customer Reviews

gunbox biometric hand gun safeWhat actual owners of the GunBox have to say about its effectiveness demonstrates both the quality and safety of this unit, as it remains one of the most highly rated biometric gun safes on Amazon.

One owner points out that the unit can be set to require the RFID wristband for access or only a fingerprint. This is clearly a huge plus that allows access only to the original owner. Should someone move the box, there is a red light that indicates the unit has been tampered with even after the alarm has run its course.

Customer support is often the difference between buying a product and moving on to another company. A customer review stated that he had emailed the company directly and had a response to his inquiry within 48 hours. In fact, they reached out to me directly and offered to send over a demo unit.

Another reviewer complained that despite the number of reviews that stated a 1 – 2 second access time, his was more in the 5–12 second range. He found a solution by making sure his finger was moist before performing the scan. This would seem to indicate that people who live in drier climates or are in low humidity environments need to moisten their finger before using the fingerprint scan.

Finally, several reviewers stated that the GunBox does not “spring open” like many similar models. This is not to say opening the box is slow, but it is not as fast as one might like.

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Finding a high quality biometric gun safe for your handgun takes more than a short search. The GunBox Biometric Hand Safe has all of the necessary features that most people need to store and travel with their handgun in a safe and responsible manner.

There are some quirks with the fingerprint reader that virtually everyone worked out with a few tries. It is obvious biometrics are not perfect, but the responses of the actual owners of the unit find it more than meets their requirements. Generally, the GunBox is reviewed to be on the pricey side, but there is almost complete agreement that the money spent is well worth the value an owner will get.

GunBox Alternatives

The closest alternatives to the GunBox would be the Sentry Safe Quick Access Pistol Safe and the Gunvault Microvault XL MVB1000. Both mimic the low-profile design and are available at a slightly lower price point because they don’t have all the bells and whistles.