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GunVault GVB2000

GunVault GVB2000 MultiVault Biometric Gun Safe


[easyazon_image add_to_cart=”default” align=”left” asin=”B001ABJZFO” cloaking=”default” height=”137″ localization=”default” locale=”US” nofollow=”default” new_window=”default” src=”http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/41yZCZHIVwL._SL160_.jpg” tag=”biogunsafes-20″ width=”160″]One of GunVault’s mottos is “give intruders the finger as you reach for the GunVault Mini and Multi Bio series,” referring to their codeless fingerprint opening system for easy access to your firearms in the dark and under duress when you need it most.  In fact, you may just find yourself giving a thief the finger with one hand as he stares down the barrel of the gun held in your other.  That’s the idea behind the MultiVault model GVB2000 Biometric Gun Safe: quickly accessing your home defense firearm to protect your family and home before a thief knows its there.

Dimensions and Capacity

The MultiVault Biometric Safe measures 8.25” x 10.25” x 14” externally with an internal compartment measuring 6” x 9” x 12.75” that’s divided into two sections by way of a removable center shelf.  Each shelf has enough room for at least two standard sized handguns, though it’d be most practical to have one on each shelf accompanied by an extra clip, flashlight, or other accessories.  The bottom of the safe is lined with a layer of foam to keep your weapons and valuables from scratching and sliding, though the removable shelf is not.

GunVault GVB-2000 Video Review

Biometric Fingerprint Gun Safe Technology

GunVault GVB2000The MultiVault uses GunVault’s innovative biometric opening system designed for lightning fast recognition and easy access with the touch of a finger.  The system’s electronics has a very low False Reject Rate per False Accept Rare that blocks access to the safe after repeated invalid entries.  Up to 15 user fingerprints can be registered on the MultiVault’s biometric scanner so you can share access to the safe with another person or scan more than one finger from each of your hands.  After registering a valid fingerprint, a beeping audio feedback confirms entry as the latching lock releases the spring-loaded door, which pops open in under a second.  The inside of the safe is then lit by way of floodlight to view the contents of the safe in the dark.

 Construction and Security Features

For added security, the MultiVault can be mounted to a floor or shelf, though GunVault’s signature 1,500-pound security cable is also included for tethering the safe to a stable object.  The safe only weighs 14-pounds (when empty), making it a wise security choice to mount or tether it to something secure.  The MultiVault is made of heavy-duty 16-guage steel and constructed with precise machined fittings to prevent forced entry with a prying agent.  Unfortunately, the MultiVault is not graded for protection against excessive heat and fire.

Other Features and Warranty

The GunVault MultiVault comes with an external AC power supply  to keep the safe’s electronics operating when the 9-volt battery (not included) dies, which is indicated by both audio and LED light warnings.  A set of backup manual override keys is also included for accessing the safe in the event of a power failure.  Like all GunVault safes, the Multivault model GVB2000 is approved for use by the California Department of Justice Bureau of Firearms.  GunVault’s customer service department can handle most troubleshooting for the safe, but your safe may be covered under GunVault’s 12-month limited warranty or Cannon Safe’s limited lifetime warranty.

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Customer Reviews

The MultiVault is one of GunVault’s lesser-known safes  and has only accrued 65 reviews on Amazon to date, 23 of which received 5-star ratings.  One 5-star reviewer’s (Brad Ellis) only negative was the beeping indicator when the safe opens (which can be disabled for stealth mode) but otherwise stated, “I bought this safe to keep my home defense handguns next to my bed. I feel very confident that I can get to my loaded guns quickly if the need arises…The bio-metrics has never failed me, I’ve had 100% success at being able to open the safe so no worries there.”

Other users like 3-star reviewer Richard Smith have had less success with the MultiVault’s biometrics stating, “The fingerprint reader is very sensitive and requires just the right positioning to respond…if you don’t close the GunVault forcefully then it will latch without locking.”