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Protex Safe Fingerprint Wall Safe Review

[easyazon_image add_to_cart=”default” align=”right” asin=”B0046TT7T6″ cloaking=”default” height=”160″ localization=”default” locale=”US” nofollow=”default” new_window=”default” src=”http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/31uwTh20I2L._SL160_.jpg” tag=”biogunsafes-20″ width=”160″]Protex Safe Co. is a popular safe manufacturing company headquartered in Canoga Park, California. This company takes pride in offering customers the best solutions in home defense systems; Protex Safe offers a wide variety of burglary and fire safes, drop boxes, wall safes, depository, hotel, personal and biometric safes that guarantee the safety of your personal possessions , such as, valuables, firearms, documents, coin collections, family photo albums and other items with sentimental value.

The Protex Safe Fingerprint Wall Safe (model # FW-1814Z) is Protex Safe’s durable and burglar resistant solution to your home defense system, flawless when it comes to security and practicality, characteristics that make it one of the best wall safes available on the market.

Dimensions and capacity

protex fingerprint wall safeThe Protex Safe Fingerprint Wall Safe features a high quality velvet interior, and two removable shelves. These features make this safe perfect for storing multiple items, the velvet interior guaranteeing no scratches or other permanent damage on your valuables. The safe offers a generous storage capacity of .44 cubic feet, making it easy for you to store your personal firearm, ammunition, credit cards, jewelry, and other valuables at once, making it a good stand-alone home defense safe.

The safe’s exterior dimensions are 14.1 X 18.2 X 3.9 inches (width X height X depth), and the interior dimensions are as follows: 14 X 18.1 X 3 inches. It weighs 29 Lbs (13 kg), which is reasonable considering that it is made of heavy duty gauge steel, and that it has a built-in motorized locking bolt mechanism.

It features a spring loaded door with dual live motorized chrome bolts that open the door automatically once access is granted to the interior. To ensure a proper installation, Protex Safe Co. recommends hiring a contractor or a handyman, but in case you can handle this task, the safe comes with 6 pre-drilled anchor holes, a complete walkthrough of the installation process in the safe’s user manual, and a set of wall studs.

Fingerprint Scanning Technology

protex fingerprint scannerThe Protex Safe Fingerprint Wall Safe incorporates the latest technological advancements in its biometric fingerprint recognition system. Adding fingerprints using the recognition system is very easy and fully explained in the user manual.

After opening the door, press the setup button located inside of the safe, on the back of the door. The biometric scanner’s LED will start flashing red once the setup button is pressed. Place your finger flat on the scanner and wait until the scanning process is done. Once the LED turns green and flashes twice, the fingerprint has been successfully stored in the biometric recognition system.

The biometric system allows for a maximum storage capacity of 30 different fingerprints.

The biometric fingerprint recognition mechanism allows for quick access to the content of the safe, an important feature in case of unfortunate situations, when fast access to your personal firearm is crucial.

Additional Features and Security

protex safe fingerprint safe reviewThe safe works with 4 AA batteries that are included in the purchase. In case the internal batteries of the safe run out, a power override box is also included in the purchase. The power override box will restore power to the locking mechanism and grant you access to the safe, and it will also give you the possibility to change the internal batteries. Protex Safe Co. recommends using the power override box only when necessary, and to never lock the override box in the safe.

The safe also has an emergency override key feature. Protex Safe Co. recommends using the override key only if the fingerprint scanner does not recognize your fingerprint, and also to never lock the keys inside of the safe.

The high quality velvet interior makes the Protex Safe Fingerprint Wall Safe perfect for storing expensive items and jewelry in optimal conditions.

The pre-drilled anchor holes and the included wall studs make for an easy installation process, the only reason why Protex Safe Co. recommends hiring a handy man or a contractor, is because to install the safe on the wall, you must make a cut in a dry wall, using power tools (Protex Safe Co. recommends using a hand held drywall saw).

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Customer Reviews

protex wall safe reviewsThe Protex Safe Fingerprint Wall Safe currently enjoys a 4.7-star rating on Amazon.com. The customers are generally pleased with its design (‘very sturdy and heavy’, ‘very nice’) and versatility (‘very compact’, ‘quick to install’). Most complaints of delayed fingerprint reactivity were justifiable given the advanced age of the users (‘could not make the fingerprint reader recognize his prints’), and the key lock is a helpful alternative in such cases.

Some customers seem to be disappointed with the size of the safe (‘interior is a bit small’, ‘does not hold a tremendous amount of items’), and others find the structure of the shelves to be lacking (‘it would have been nice to have […] better customization of the shelving heights’).

Protex Fingerprint Wall Safe Alternatives

The popular safe manufacturer Barska has a biometric wall safe that is worthy of your consideration as well. It maintains strong customer reviews and carries a slightly lower price tag than this Protex model.