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Best Car Gun Safe – It is nothing new about the Gun safe for your cars or other vehicles and it has been utilizing this device for decades. Recently, most of the people are more cautious and conscious to use this safety storage device. It has numerous evident with a growing trend to use this product by researching the online platform to purchase. There are various types of best car gun safe available across the market for use.

How to choose best car gun safe you can buy:

  1. Best car gun safe overall : SentrySafe QAP2E Digital Pistol Safe
  2. Best budget car gun safe : Hornady rapid car gun safe
  3. Top best car gun safe under 300 : Vaultek VT20i car gun safe bluetooth
  4. Best car gun safe under 500 : Vaultek slider series car gun Safe
  5. Best magnetic car gun safe : BILLCONCH car gun safe with APP two small guns capacity pistol

During the travel, many people will take their handgun with them for safety and protection. The next logical question would where to place the Best Car Gun safe Reviews in your car, whether to place within the glove box or the console compartment. It is an intention to safeguard or stay secure without compromising your safety. The best car gun safe is specially designed to offer a solution for both safety and security.

best car gun safe

Here are best car gun safe benefits: 

  • Comfort : Most of them prefer to carry their firearms or guns for their own utilization and make it uncomfortable to place within your waistband while walking or sitting. This is one of the major reasons to purchase the gun safe and place it inside. You can access or respond quickly when it is required.
  • Security : You can protect your firearms or valuable possessions from numerous people and as well as from disasters. Things such as floods or fires may happen occasionally and it is advisable to safeguard your jewels, money, and arms. Also, understand that car fires are a rare case when compared with in-house fires. Auto weapons protections may not be fireproof and not utilized simultaneously.
  • Protection : The best car gun safe will prevent the product from anyone or threatening life or stealing your property. According to the reports, most of the intruders will utilize the weapon for criminal activities. It is essential to overcome that your children should not touch the firearm and have them injured. The younger children will always prefer to do unwanted activities and it is our duty to safeguard even better. We suggest that the biometric best car gun safe 2020 will be the best one to pick.

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Best Car Gun Safe Reviews – Top Picks 2020 

1. SentrySafe QAP1E Gun Safe with Digital Keypad One Handgun Capacity

The digital keypad of SentrySafe QAP1E best car gun safe comes with reliable and quick access to your pistol. It is possible to create the combination by using the digital keypad and also offers advanced protection to fulfill your home defense requirements. The solid steel construction of pry-resistant and whisper-quiet entry will provide the best firearm security. For firearm protection and storage, this best car gun safe is certified by the DOJ & California Department.

SentrySafe QAP1E Gun Safe with Digital Keypad One Handgun Capacity
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  • SentrySafe will always recommend utilizing the four high-quality, alkaline AA batteries within the manufacture date for optimal performance. It is not possible to support long-term usage by the rechargeable and generic batteries.
  • Exterior (Height 3.2-inches, Dimension 9.9-inches, and Width 12.1-inches) and Interior (Height 2.2-inches, Dimension 6.7-inches, and Width 9.7-inches).
  • Required to utilize 4 AA batteries.
  • It weighs around 12 lbs.
  • This gun safe comes with pry-resistant door and solid steel construction to provide handgun security and strength.
  • For backup entry use the override key & manual keypad.
  • It is certified by DOJ and California Department.
  • This gun safe offer features quick and instant access to open the safe door by using the gas strut with single-handed handgun access for ideal use.
  • For advanced protection, you can use this digital keypad to secure storage.


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Best Car Gun safe Under 200

2. MV500 Microvault Pistol Gun Safe

Gunvault MV500 handgun safes are one of the premium products to set the industry standards. Reliability and security are the most prevailing priorities and offer the same to its customers with various features. Make use of the MV500 standard that provides the best lightning access with the help of patented No-eyes keypad even under the dark conditions. The lock mechanism with improved high strength along with precise fittings will not be possible to dent or pry opening by using the handmade tools.

MV500 Microvault Pistol Car Gun Safe
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You can find numerous available selected access codes for use. Users can use the audio feedback feature to ensure the correct keypad entries and as well as disable the stealth operation mode. The battery-powered safe can provide easy portability and maximum security. The invalid entry attempts will note the tamper indicator and also the in-built system will automatically block the access after repeated wrong entries. The standard option with a security cable of 4-feet will allow the device to make it perfect for travel and home.


  • Limited warranty for one-year.
  • Backup Override key.
  • LED indication for Low battery warning.
  • The bottom vault has 4 pre-drilled holes.
  • This gun safe can be mounted anywhere.
  • Easy to use with conveniently located keypad.
  • For quick access, it allows patented no-eyes keypad.
  • Compatible and supported with steel security cable with high-strength.
  • Invalid keypad entries (repeated process) will utilize the in-built system to block the access (available only in Digital models).
  • Precise fittings and not possible to access or open using handmade tools.
  • Steel construction with 20-gauge.
  • Reliable time performance of the lock mechanism with high-strength.
  • Interior with foam-lined protective.

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3. Fort Knox PB1 Handgun Safe with 13.5 Inch Dean Safe Pistol Sock

This pistol safe is beautifully crafted with two describe words reliability and strength. The steel body with the thick 10-gauge and wrap-around 3.4” door is not practically possible to utilize the breakdown and as well as much difficult to dent this product. As per the hidden car Gun safe reviews, the tamper-resistant hinge with heavy-duty is located near the door for well-protection from attack. The gas strut is much easier to hold and as well as lift the entire heavy door for open access.

Fort Knox PB1 Handgun Safe with 13.5 Inch Dean Safe Pistol Sock
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It features the mechanical lock with true simplex and tried push-button to get easy and fast access for potential utilization with numerous different combinations. You can get a beautiful and durable look with the powder-coat antique silver finish to create a sense of quality & strength. It has a foam-lined interior to get a better style for protecting your guns, documents, and valuables from scratches or damage. Based on your gun size, it can easily fit with one or even potentially two.

The bottom includes the pre-drilled holes for more convenient to fix down the product under a drawer, the floor, or even any other flat surface. It comes with a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty and also approved by the California Department to meet the TSA device requirements to offer the extreme quality. The Fort Knox gun safe is one of the best products and worth for your money.


  • Approved by DOJ and California Department.
  • Lid opening assisted with Gas Strut.
  • More interior space when compared to other best hidden car gun safe
  • Interiors – Height 4.25-inches, Width 12.5-inches, and Dimensions 10.4-inches.
  • Lifetime manufacturer warranty and designed in the USA.
  • Locking device with Simplex mechanism and fast opening pushbutton.
  • Heavyweight door assisted with a Gas strut.
  • Tamper-resistance with massive 3.4-inches to get steel uni-body construction 10-gauge.
  • As a backup, no key access is provided.
  • Screws are not included.

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Best Car Gun safe Under 300

4. SentrySafe QAP1BE Gun Safe with Biometric Lock One Handgun Capacity

SentrySafe QAP1BE model offers the biometric fingerprint scanner to safeguard & protect your firearms from any unauthorized access. It also features backup entry access along with override key & a silent digital lock to offer home defense with advanced protection. Single-handed access and compression gas strut are specially designed to provide quick and fast access to your storage whenever they required.

SentrySafe QAP1BE Gun Safe with Biometric Lock One Handgun Capacity
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  • Exterior (Height 3.2-inches, Dimension 9.9-inches, and Width 12.1-inches) and Interior (Height 2.2-inches, Dimension 6.7-inches, and Width 9.7-inches).
  • Required to utilize 4 AA batteries.
  • SentrySafe always recommends utilizing the 4 high-quality alkaline AA batteries for optimal performance. Use the batteries within 8 years from manufacturing.
  • Long-term usage will not be supported by using rechargeable or generic batteries.
  • Handgun safes are generally constructed using the pry-resistant door and solid steel to offer handgun security and strength.
  • This safe is certified by California DOJ.
  • It comes with override key and manual keypad for backup entry.
  • This gun safe offer features quick and instant access to open the safe door by using the gas strut with single-handed handgun access for ideal use.
  • For advanced protection, you can use this biometric handgun safe to secure the storage with the help of a fingerprint scanner.

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5. Vaultek VT20i Biometric Handgun Bluetooth Smart Safe Pistol Safe with Auto-Open Lid and Rechargeable Battery

Vaultek VT20i, the most popular and smartest gun safes that are available across the market (as per the best Car Gun Safe reviews listed under the numerous websites). Make use of 4 ways to quick access for accessing the gun safe to store your firearms, documents, and valuables. It uses the Smart safe technology along with Bluetooth App to provide a better experience by connecting with your Android Smartphones.

Vaultek VT20i Biometric Handgun Bluetooth Smart Safe Pistol Safe with Auto-Open Lid and Rechargeable Battery
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It can offer numerous features like one simple swipe to remotely unlock the safe, adjusting the interior light’s brightness, viewing the battery status, and more. Your fingerprint simple swipe can provide quick access with your backup key or backlit keypad. This product looks great by choosing any one of the available three colors Urban Camo, Alpine White, or Stealth Black.

The rugged & tough carbon steel construction with 16-gauge heavy-duty will be more responsive for LED lighting even under the low light conditions using the biometric sensor. The LED light that is adjustable within the interior can allow the users to easily identify their safe contents. The lithium-ion rechargeable battery can be utilized for 4 months and quickly charges within 2.5 hours along with its micro-USB charging kit.


Color options – Urban Camo, Alpine White, and Stealth Black.

Capacity – Only one pistol or handgun capacity.

Responsive LED Lighting – Even under low light conditions, it is much easier to identify your safe by using the keypad backlit and also safe to take your contents with the help of the LED light (within adjustable interior).

Smart Safe Technology – Make use of the Vaultek Bluetooth App to gain a highly interactive experience by using your Android mobile phone. One simple swipe to remotely unlock the safe, adjust the interior light’s brightness, view the battery status, and many more. The lithium-ion rechargeable battery can offer power for at least four months and obtains the full charge within 2.5 hours and also containing a new micro-USB charging kit.

Quick Access – Within the automatic opening door, you can gain access to your firearm, documents, and valuables. Make use of the biometric fingerprint scanner or rapid fire backlit keypad to get quick access.

Rugged & Tough – It has a carbon steel construction with 16-gauge heavy-duty along with a durable powder-coating finish to ensure long-lasting protection and also prevents corrosion for numerous years.

Upgraded Anti-theft Protection – It features new interior security brackets, interior mounted hinges, anti-import latches with 2 points, and anti-pry bars to get the ultimate prevention for your gun safe.

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Best Car Gun safe Under 500

6. The GunBox 2.0 – The Smartest Quick Access Gun Safe

The Gunbox 2.0 best car gun safe is one of the best and most accessible handgun spaces that can allow your firearm to safely conceal with rapid access. You can utilize the cutting-edge technology to place your handgun anywhere of your favorite locations such as desk, countertop, or even on a nightstand.

The GunBox 2.0 - The Smartest Quick Access Gun Safe
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Automatic Lid Opening

It is much easier to unlock the Gunbox 2.0 safe by keypad, fingerprint, or wave the RFID accessories by using the provided fobs or key cards. The lid was automatically lifted by using the hydraulic shocks smoothly and quickly for fast access. The sleek lines and cutting edge design will be an added advantage to provide more space. The basement safe will store your handgun with a secure and easily access to your new home.

Innovative Safety Features

The Gunbox 2.0 car safe has ultimate handgun storage with quick access and your firearm is concealed safely with rapid access as per your expectations. The innovative safety features and cutting-edge technology of Gunbox 2.0 will provide confidence & peace of mind to store your valuables or handgun on your countertop, desk, and nightstand or anywhere for your fast access. It can easily match your decor and taste. It weighs around 4.5 pounds and created with 4mm aluminum die-cast to have enough space to store your full-size handguns.

Additional Security Features

With your finger’s simple touch, it can fob, or wave the key card to ring and automatically opens the pneumatic-assisted lid in seconds. The additional security features of 2.0 are, if once the box is moved or bumped you can hear a loud noise emitted with the help of a tamper alarm and an audible motion. It can be mounted anywhere and secured easily with the help of a security tether cable. It comes with 2 USB charging ports to charge your powering speakers, tablets, or mobile phones.

Product Importance

  • Product dimensions: 2.7 x 11.6 x 10 inches.
  • For vehicle or home use: you can safely transport firearm using the FAA-approved container.
  • Battery life with 1-year manufacturer warranty.
  • 2 USB ports are available for connecting accessories or charging devices.
  • Tamper alarm & audible motion will emit a loud noise if once the box is moved or bumped.
  • Make use of a fob or a key cord to open the RFiD scanner with quick access.
  • Hold multiple fingerprints with the help of a Biometric fingerprint sensor & quick access keypad.

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7. Caesar Safe Portable Electronic Digital Car Multipurpose Laptop Gun Safe CH-928, Black7

Caesar Safe can allow users to store valuable items like safe & sensitive documents, cash, jewelry, electronic gadgets, and passports for secure traveling. You can retrieve the stored items with the help of the digital safe by inputting the customized combination of pin numbers on the available keypad. For easy transportation, you can utilize the sturdy carrying handle. An additional security feature of this Caesar safe can be securely tethered with any one of the fixed objects by using the removable steel cable.

Caesar Safe Portable Electronic Digital Car Multipurpose Laptop Gun Safe
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With reliable fittings, a powerful locking system, and solid steel construction, it is very much to open the safe using any hand tools. It is one of your best choices for maintaining your secrets, treasures, and weapons safely. It comes with two keys to unlock the robust metal tab and included with security cable of tested under the 1500 lbs. This is perfect for concealed-weapon permit holders, travel, or home to secure at a safe place.

Users can secure this lockbox with valuables, cash, or handguns in the office, bedroom, or car. For backup, you can utilize the two manual keys as Secondary access points and include with a protective floor mat and 4 AA batteries. This safe box contains an impress 16-gauge steel to showcase its finish and fit. With an incredible lesser price, users can obtain an excellent value. Caesar Car Gun Safe is one of the leading and most popular manufacturers for vehicles and hotels.


  • It comes with the manufacturer’s warranty of limited 1-year.
  • Works on 4 AA batteries.
  • Locking with the help of a latch locking system and included with two override keys.
  • Resists cutting with steel tethering cable and durable construction of solid steel.
  • Easily fits for concealment under the car’s trunk or bed.

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8. First Alert 5100K Portable Handgun Safe with Key Lock, TSA Approved, Small

The portable Handgun safe of First Alert 5100K comes with TSA-approved security and travel-ready Key lock for your handgun. It is designed with 18-gauge powder-coated steel to offer long-lasting features & durability with secured gun safe. It can easily fit within your briefcase or even bag and measures as 1.75-inches D, 6.5-inches W, and 9.5-inches L externally and 3-pounds weigh. The foam-padded interior will offer better protection from dents and dings. It also utilizes a steel cable for additional security for your car gun safe within the fixture or your car’s trunk for enhancing the theft protection.

First Alert 5100K Portable Handgun Safe with Key Lock
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Damage prevention using Foam-padded Interior – This car gun safe comes with the best foam-padded interior and specially designed for your firearm protection against damage even during the transportation. It is perfect to secure your ammunition and small handguns.

Security Features – A lock entry is provided for this handgun safe for firearm protection from theft along with two keys (a backup key if one is misplaced). For added security, this case includes a steel cable protection with 1500 pound-test to secure within the fixture or car’s trunk.

TSA-Approved Design – This car gun safe is a qualified one that meets the firearm guidelines provided by TSA Airline and ensures the security for your handgun.

Portable & Compact Design – It can offer secure transportation of handguns, pistols, and even other small firearms. This may weigh around 3 pounds and measures as 1.75-inches D, 6.5-inches W, and 9.5-inches L externally. With the help of its small size, it can easily fit within your bag or backpack or even under the seat.

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9. Sunnydaze Small Portable Combination Lock Box Safe with Cable for Travel, Car or Home Use

This lock safe from Sunnydaze will offer heavy-duty 16-gauge steel construction to offer the safest lockbox from drilling, tampering, impact, and rust. This excellent lockbox can store cash, medicine, small firearms, jewelry, or sensitive documents. The Sunnydaze safe interior is perfectly lined with huge protective foam for inside items protection from damage.

Sunnydaze Small Portable Combination Lock Box Safe
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It is not required to use keys or batteries for Sunnydaze lockboxes since; it is already fitted with the best locking system of 3-tumbler combination and easy access to customize your PIN number. For additional security, this lockbox is fully-equipped with a steel cable of 1500 pounds to assist the entire security for any objects.


Purchasing without Worry – This product comes with a manufacturer’s warranty for 1-year.

Flexible Options – Locking system with 3-tumbler combination and does not require keys or batteries. Great product to hold personal documents, cash, jewelry, medicine, pistol, handgun, and ammo.

Additional Security – The case is well-secured with the assistance of securing lock cable of 1500-lb tested steel along with 1 safe so that it is not possible to stole or pick up while it was hooked with any sort of fixed objects. It has 36.5-inches long securing lock cable while provides enough space to secure your preferred accessories.

Premium Protection – The valuables protected by using the protective foam interior and as well as 16-gauge heavy-duty steel construction. It is impact-resistant, rust-proof, tamper-proof, and drill-resistance. This safe is not humidity controlled or fire-proof.

Product Specification – It weighs 3 pounds 2-inches tall, 6.5-inches wide, and 9.5-inches long. This could a perfect size to protect your small firearms, money, and personal documents.

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Best Car Gun safe Under 1000

10. RPNB Gun Safe, Smart Pistol Safe Handgun Security Safe 

RPNB Smart Gun safe or pistol safe can be easily accessed using the available LED access. It is specially designed using the aluminum material type. This pistol safe is available with RFID quick access and as well as LED security access.

RPNB Gun Safe, Smart Pistol Safe Handgun Security Safe
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Rugged & Tough

It is expertly designed with the help of steel construction with power-coated of 16-gauge, the RPNB car gun safe can be utilized for numerous years and long-lasting strength. It also offers various features like professional appearance, durable black finish, prevents corrosion, and much easier to fit within any interior space.

Rapid Pop-up Open Door

For emergency access, this pistol car safe will provide fast and quick access to its users. It features battery-powered PIN code with a spring-loaded access door to instantly open when inputted the correct PIN number. In case, if you have entered the invalid PIN number for consecutive times then it will activate the Sleep mode for another 5 minutes.

Gun Safe

In case, if your children don’t understand or not aware of the firearm’s potential danger then this could be the essential safety to keep it secured and safely stored. It is the responsible way to place your firearms or guns securely within this pistol safe while on the go or at home.


Guarantee with 100% Satisfaction – It comes with a 1-year manufacturer warranty and also committed to providing an after-sales guarantee with business integrity quality.

Mobile Security – This car gun safe will include a cable that allows securing the product at any location. In checked luggage, it meets the TSA requirements provided for handgun safety.

Tamper Proof & Anti-theft Protection – RPNB is certified by California DOJ and features the pry-proof steel body with seamlessly welded & anti-impact latches to offer the ultimate prevention for break-ins. The top lid was automatically opened by special and unique hinge-design.

3 Entry Methods Dependable & Fast – The safe lid will instantly open by activating the RFID key. You can program up to a maximum of 4 RFID keys. You can also access using the conventional key lock or 3-digit keypad.

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11. Bulldog Cases Car Safe with Key Lock, Mounting Bracket and Cable in Black

Bulldog Car safe is one of the best and most popular Best Car Gun Safe for Car Console available across the online market. It is ideal to utilize at home, office, boars, vans, trucks, and cars with BD-1100 Strong Steel box and measures at 2.5-inches x 8.7-inches. It includes hardware and mounting bracket to mount it securely anywhere. The best way to keep your handguns and firearms safe and secure.

Bulldog Cases Car Safe with Key Lock, Mounting Bracket and Cable in Black
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The Bulldog Pistol Safe will feature with true key lock and old-fashioned tried. The BD-1100 fingerprint sensor safe is designed in black color and utilized with or without using the mounting bracket. Most of them know to keep their guns secure and safe using this Bulldog cases. It offers carrying bags, gun safes, and other sorts of gun storages to carry & store your guns securely, safely, and without any damage.

If you prefer to secure, store, or carry your firearm then. Bulldog cases will cover with an extensive line of handgun safes and gun safes. From pistol rugs to gun bags, and rifle cases. You can choose a wide range of customized products with your preference and for your weapon. Keep your pistol or rifle scratch-free and store them in a safe place. Since nothing can protect similar to Bulldog cases.


  • This product is made up of steel material.
  • Exterior size (2.2-inches x 5.9-inches x 8.2-inches) and Interior size (2-inches x 5.25-inches x 7-inches).
  • Key style with deluxe lock.
  • Scratch-resistant interior with durable & soft.
  • Mounting hardware with mounting bracket.
  • Powder finish of black matte with heavy-duty steel construction.
  • Bulldog best car gun safe designed with black matter will offer a more elegant and attractive look.
  • It is much easier to access the car console safe using. The key and keep the items within the safe and lock it securely.
  • It can be comfortably accessed and efficiently fit within the concealed firearm storage.
  • This box has a 3-foot security cable. Without bracket, make use of the 3-foot security cable to secure the items.
  • It also enhances the protection and safeguard of your stored items.

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12. SnapSafe Lock Box with Combination Lock

Pack your firearms, handguns, and even other possessions by using. The premium security offered by Snapsafe (also referred to as Hornady Combination lockbox). Snapsafe gun safes are virtually impenetrable and specially designed using the steel housing of thick 16-gauge. The Hornady combination firearm safe will tightly secure to any stationary object. The help of its steel security cable with 4-feet rated of 1500 lbs for ensuring no theft with this lockbox.

SnapSafe Lock Box with Combination Lock
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The interior cushions with protective foam will protect your firearm’s finish and form. It is much safer to take your weapon during travel since; it meets the requirements offered by TSA airline guidelines especially for the firearms storage. Make use of the patented cable receiver which is designed in a way to utilize the maximum storage space. Customize your PIN code and safeguard your firearms from the wrong hands. By using the Snapsafe product designed by the Hornady combination lockbox.


  • For firearms storage, this product is approved by the Justice of California Department.
  • It meets the provided TSA Airline guidelines that are drafted for firearms storage.
  • Steel housing with thick 16-gauge is pry-resistant and durable.
  • Protective foam interior.
  • You can also opt for two cables by choosing the 2-pack option.
  • Steel security cable with 4-feet and rated with 1500 lbs.
  • Steel key lock mechanism is much easier to operate.

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