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Best Fireproof Gun Safe – We all familiar with the phrase – ‘With great power comes great responsibility’. Yes, one must be responsible for the power they possess. Best Fireproof Gun Safe should be the number one priority on all the gun owners list. Before choosing which gun you wish to buy and why one must also think where to store it safely in order to keep them away from danger.

None can predict the upcoming disaster and if something to happen to your guns, you need to ensure that your guns and accessories are all around secured. In a fire, in a flood, or even with a theft, getting them into wrong hands would be highly dangerous. There is anyway something that you can do to ensure gun safety Best Fireproof Gun Safe Reviews.

Investing in a fireproof safe isn’t just smart it’s essential. Gun owners know that most of the guns aren’t fireproof. If you are serious about protecting your guns from harm and theft, you need to invest in a good and rugged quality best fireproof gun safe.

Here are best fireproof gun safe to buy now:

  1. Best fireproof gun safe overall : mesa safe MBF7236C 32-gun
  2. Best fireproof gun safe choose : new and improved E.M.P proof steelwater
  3. Budget best fireproof gun safe : blue dot safes second amendment fire-resistant
  4. Best fireproof gun safe under 300 : stack On FS-24-MB-E 24-gun fire
  5. Best fireproof gun safe under 500 : mesa safe company MBF6032E 14.4 cubic foot 30 rifle

Finding the right Best Fireproof Gun Safes Reviews could be highly confusing and you might want to do a lot of research. We took that risk for you and here is everything you need to know and some of the best options for all the products that we have reviewed on.

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Mesa Safe MBF7236C 32 Rifle4.8 / 5.0

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Steelwater Extreme Duty 22 Long Gun Safe4.7 / 5.0

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Blue Dot Safes Second Amendment Fire-Resistant4.8 / 5.0

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Stack-On FS-24-MB-E 24-Gun Fire Resistant Safe4.6 / 5.0

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Stack-On FS-14-MB-E 14-Gun Fire Resistant Safe4.8 / 5.0

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Mesa Safe Company MBF6032E 14.4 Cubic Rifle4.7 / 5.0

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GunVault MV500 Microvault Pistol Gun Safe4.7 / 5.0

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First Alert 2096DF Waterproof Fire Safe4.6 / 5.0

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Sportsman Series Buffalo GUNSAFE28 Fire Resistant4.7 / 5.0

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SnapSafe Tall Titan Large Digital Modular Safe4.8 / 5.0

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best fireproof gun safe
best fireproof gun safe


Best Fireproof Gun Safe 2021- Recommendations!

We have done an extensive research on the best fireproof gun safe reviews available in the market and listed our top recommended models for you below. All you need to do is just pick the one which suits the size of guns you would like to store.

Best Fireproof Gun Safes – Our Top Picks!

Being a gun owner gives you the responsibility and liability to keep these weapons away from the wrong people, most especially from children. The director emphasized that kids aren’t mature enough to know when to use the guns. They may see it as a pretend play only.

#1. Mesa Safe MBF7236C 32 Rifle Best Fireproof Gun Safe: Best Safe Investment

Mesa Safe MBF7236C 32 Rifle Best Fireproof Gun Safe
   ;Check Lowest Price on Amazon

Best Fireproof Gun Safe 2021 is all about giving your gun the best protection to keep it away from the danger. With fully adjustable shelves comes it comes with all steel construction and a brass finishing which can hold 32 guns.

The door has an overall thickness of 5-1/8-inch lined with a protective layer of fire resistant material. And with 14 massive 1-1/2-inch diameter solid steel bolts, it is heavily strapped in.

One of highlight feature is, it comes with a highly secured 3-way locking system. The body has an overall thickness of 1-3/4-inch which consists of a steel plate lined with fire-resistant material. It is tested with a 2 Hour Fire Rating 1-hour fire rating, tested in temperatures up to 1750°F.

  • Advanced Electronic Lock Advanced electronic lock in a classic brass finish. Protected by a drill-resistant hard plate.
  • The manual combination lock.
  • Not battery Operated.
  • Also it is Spacious.

  • Vertical walls cannot be moved.
  • Also it is heavy.

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Best Fireproof Gun Safe Under $300

#2. Steelwater Extreme Duty 22 Long Gun Fire Protection

Steelwater Extreme Duty 22 Long Gun Fire Protection
Check Lowest Price on Amazon

The Steelwater Extreme Duty 22 Long Fireproof Gun Safe Reviews is big and spacious. The safe measures 59 x 39″ x 24″ (plus 3 inches if you include the handle). The interior is 55 ½” x 36 1/4″ x 20 5/8″ and weighs 689 lbs. This safe is specially made for long guns and can hold up to 39 long guns. In addition to this, there are a huge amount of pockets and lots of racks to store guns, ammunition and other gun paraphernalia.

Coming to security, it is protected by the AMLD593924-blk which has eighteen 1 1/2 " lock bolts. These offer protection against attackers.

The door is built using rock-solid composite materials and is 5 inches thick. This guarantees nobody with a pry bar will most likely use force, let alone open it. The AMLD593924-blk has a gear drive linkage mechanism that serves as extra protection versus drilling, prying and use of blunt force.

Best Fireproof Gun Safe With the highlights featured before, it should not shock anyone that the AMLD593924-blk contrasts great and different from any other items. The body is made of 9 measure steel and goes past the essential necessities set by the California DOJ. The door is thick enough to keep the guns safe from fire and has a multilayered fireboard layer. The fireboard works really well with the lock bolts and hard plate.

When compared with other long Best Fireproof Gun Safe, the Steelwater gives much more as far as security and dependability. There are a lot of products that guarantee to be fireproof, yet few of them have really demonstrated it to be true. The Steelwater has, and that makes it a champ.

  • Made from heavy-duty components.
  • Lots of from for long guns.
  • Fireproof up to 60 minutes.
  • A hard plate is drill resistant.
  • Also have good exceeds the CA DOJ requirements.

  • At 689 lbs it’s very heavy.
  • Maybe too much for some gun owners.

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Best Fireproof Gun Safe Under $500


#3. Blue Dot Safes Second Amendment Fire-Resistant Fireproof Gun Safe Reviews :


Blue Dot Safes Second Amendment Fire-Resistant Fireproof Gun Safe
Check Lowest Price on Amazon

Best Fireproof Gun Safe These safes are extremely fire-resistant. They are a rare combination of quality, protection, and beauty. They are tested with 1-hour factory certified fire protection rating up to 1700 Fahrenheit. It features a 5/16″ thick restrictive drill-safe lock hard plate that ensures the lock against drill attacks.

This safe measures 59-3/16″h x 36″w x 25″d  and weighs 650 pounds. On the inside it is 55-3/16″h x 32-1/4″w x 20″d. The volume is around 35,596 Cubic Inch Capacity which holds 1 full shelve and 3 small shelves.

The locking system is U.L listed combination lock which gives you high security and is known for the correctness of design and accuracy of construction to guard against manipulation of the combination by a sense of sight, touch or hearing. In other words, the UL test for built-in protection unless the entire product is manufactured with that in mind.

When it comes to how it’s built, both body and door are constructed of 2GA steel finished with a scratch-resistant black powder coat. Steel pin hinges with ball bearing. The Interior is so cool where we can see plushy grey carpeting and has 2 anchoring holes for bolting the safe to the floor.

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Best Fireproof Gun Safe Under $1000

#4. Stack-On FS-24-MB-E 24-Gun Fire Resistant Safe with Electronic Lock, Matte Black

Check Lowest Price on Amazon

span style=”font-weight: 400;”>This is the kind of safe that you-you can be upbeat when burning cash on it. It originates from a trustworthy brand and still performs to what the name depend on. You will like that it comes with pre-drilled openings at the base. This helps with ensuring that you get the chance to mount the safe so nobody can steal it.

With a dimension of – 26.89″ W, 14.47″ D, 52.72″ H on the interior and 29-1/4″ W (74.3cm), 20″ D (51.6cm), 55″ H (140cm) on the exterior it has a capacity of holding 24 firearms up to 54″ tall. It also holds 4 adjustable shelves where you can place them as you like. It weighs 456 pounds.

The completely convertible interior can change over from all weapons to all racks. The outside has a hunter green finish with gold accents. It is fire resistant, tested by the top class firearm security. It is tested to withstand a half hour heat up to 1,400 degrees F. This safe features a high-end locking system with 5 locking points, combination lock and a drill resistant steel plate to keep the safe away from the wrong hands.

  • Relatively good fire protection.
  • Impressive storage capacity.
  • Good locking mechanism.

  • It is Heavy.

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#5. Stack-On FS-14-MB-E 14-Gun Fire Resistant Safe with Electronic Lock

Stack-On FS-14-MB-E 14-Gun Fire Resistant Safe with Electronic Lock
Check Lowest Price on Amazon

Stack-On can never turn out badly with regards to making the best safes. On the off chance that you get one for yourself, you can make certain that you will finish up with the best execution item. At whatever point you choose to pick this one, you can make sure it is worth spending your money.

This 14-Gun Electronic Lock Safe is heat proof for up to 1,400 degrees for 30 minutes to secure important papers and different resources contained inside. The completely convertible inside can change over from all weapons to all racks for most extreme stockpiling flexibility. The outside has a matte dark completion with chrome accents to finish the look.

The dimensions are 20.2 x 29.2 x 55 inches which weigh 280 pounds. This Stack-On safe is tested and verified to be fire resistant for 30 minutes up to 1400˚ F. It is tested as a California Department of Justice(DOJ) firearm safety device that meets the requirements of the California penal code section 12088 and the regulations issued thereunder.

It has 2-way locking system with 1. live action locking bolts – five locking points. This safe includes four movable shelves and is completely convertible from all weapons to all racks. The built is so tough with a drill-resistant and a hardened steel plate behind the lock provides greater security.

  • Strong construction.
  • Adjustable shelf.
  • Impressive capacity.

  • It is expensive.

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#6. Mesa Safe Company MBF6032E 14.4 Cubic Foot 30 Rifle Best Fireproof Gun Safe

Mesa Safe Company MBF6032E 14.4 Cubic Foot 30 Rifle
Check Lowest Price on Amazon

While hunting down Best Fireproof Gun Safes reviews 2021, frequently the choices given could be all the more precisely portrayed as lockboxes. Yet, consider the possibility that you have a lot of long guns– maybe you’re an authority—and a genuine “safe” is required, you would be advised to bring-the-explosive, cash is-no-object, sort of safe.

If you are serious about your Best Fireproof Gun Safes and looking for a couple of companies out there obliging your necessities. One of them is the Mesa Safe Company and, h, we take a look at one of their safe.

This safe stands 5-feet tall, is built using steel that is one and a half inches thick, and weighs over 650lbs. When you have it set up, it is likely not going anyplace except if your neighborhood offenders bring pulling hardware, yet there are anchor holes to permit further securing to the floor.

The inside is cushioned with durable cushioning, and the removable (and flexible) shelves are also upholstered. This safe measures 60 x 34 x 26 inches and the steel construction is 1 1/2″ in thickness, so it’s strong and durable.

The locking system features a battery operated electronic lock is protected by a punch activated spring loaded re-locking device for added security. This safe has been tested with a one-hour fire rating in temperatures up to 1750 degrees Fahrenheit.

  • Great aesthetics.
  • Strong constructions.
  • Pre-drilled for mounting.

  • Very pricey.

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#7. GunVault MV500 Microvault Pistol Gun Safe

GunVault MV500 Microvault Pistol Gun Safe
Check Lowest Price on Amazon

An industry-driving vehicle safe, the MicroVault is a solid, tough, yet lightweight, versatile Fireproof Gun Safes reviews. The MicroVault’s durable, gauge steel outside and thick froth lining shields your firearm and different things from harm. An adaptable shape and size make this compact safe perfect to store your handgun and a couple of little items.

The micro vault safe (mv 500) accompanies our licensed no-eyes keypad that gives quick access, even in the dark. The safe is battery powered for highest security and simple portability an alter pointer notes invalid entry attempts and a built-in computer blocks access after rehashed invalid keypad passages the MV500.

It comes standard with a 4-foot security cable, that enables you to fix it to a strong object, making it ideal for home and travel.

Coming to the build, it is constructed of 20-gauge steel housing with tamper proof spring loaded door. Foam lining inside to protect the firearm or other valuables Best Fireproof Gun Safe Under $1000.

Like the other best quality safe, the maker needed to ensure it is top quality. The high-quality development that you get with the model takes you into consideration to effectively utilize it beginning today. You can be certain that your assets and handguns are secured from now on.

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#8. First Alert 2096DF Waterproof Fire Safe with Digital Lock

First Alert 2096DF Waterproof Fire Safe with Digital Lock
Check Lowest Price on Amazon

This is the best safety ever for small items. Let us tell you why we love this. With the capacity to withstand outer temperatures of 1,700°F, this waterproof safe with a computerized combination lock keeps your valuables secured.

First Alert model 2096DF is the best in waterproof fire safes that offers a whole bunch of security solution for the three major hazards: theft, flood, and fire.

Over a 30-year contract, a homeowner faces a 96% chance of being burglarized, a 26% chance of flood damage and a 9% chance of a fire. The safe’s anti-theft highlights incorporate protected covered pivots intended to oppose prying, a programmable (utilize your very own 3-to 8-digit password), digital lock and 6 strong steel locking bolts. The composite construction with water-tight seal counteracts water harm to substance brought about by flooding or by water utilized in battling a flame.

Its dimensions are 25 x 23 x 19 inches and weigh 145 pounds. The safe has been given a UL-classified 1-hour fire rating, confirming that it will resist an external temperature of 1700 degrees while controlling an internal temperature of fewer than 350 degrees.

Coming to security, it contains a backlit digital keypad with 1 emergency override key. Also, equipped with 6 live door bolts and pry-resistant concealed hinges. It accommodates wheels and handles for easy mobility when needed.

The digital lock and keypad promise to be useful when you need to bolt the safe. The lock is straightforward and simple to set up. You ought to be great in the blink of an eye. You can always override key when the keypad battery is low or you forgot the access code. This implies you are never locked out of the safe.

  • Strong construction.
  • Digital lock with override key. best fireproof gun safe reviews
  • Also have exceptional fire resistance.

  • A few issues with the digital lock keypad.

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#9. Sportsman Series Buffalo GUNSAFE28 Fire Resistant 28 Rifle Gun Safe

Sportsman Series Buffalo GUNSAFE28 Fire Resistant 28 Rifle Gun Safe
Check Lowest Price on Amazon

Keep your firearm gathering composed and ensured with the 28 Gun Electric Lock 30 Minute Fire Resistant Best Fireproof Gun Safe 2021. The 3 spoke handle will keep rifles and guns secure behind a 14 measure steel door and body. The pry-safe recessed door and bolts keep your gun collection protected and sound.

This safe comes with anchors. Once set up, the 314 lbs Gunsafe can be dashed down making it about incomprehensible for someone to take away amid a theft. 

When it comes to security, Sportsman Series Buffalo Best Fireproof Gun Safes Reviews endures a drill safe lock with 6 locking points, 3 deadbolts, and 3 live jolts give significantly greater security against robbery.

Best Fireproof Gun Safe under $300

This safe with External dimensions of 26 W x 20 D x 59 H inches, internal dimensions: 23 W x 17 D x 55 H inches, 12.4 internal cubic feet can hold 28 long gun capacity. And is a safer and easier way to store your gun collection. Rather than storing your every rifle and gun in its very own case.

You can securely an effectively show your whole collection in the Buffalo Best Fireproof Gun Safes. 3 flexible shelves on the inside of the Fire Resistant Gun Safe can be tweaked to your collection. The felted surface on the inside and racks shield stocks and barrels from scratches Best Fireproof Gun Safe Under $300.

Sportsman Series Buffalo GUNSAFE28 has tested for 30 minutes @ 1200 degrees F, 14 gauge body and door steel thickness, 3 spoke handle, with pry-resistant recessed door and bolt for the best fireproof protection it can offer.

Coming to security, it includes 2 keys, or set your own numeric combination, programmable electronic lock with key override, exceeds California DOJ requirements.

  • Movable shelves. best fireproof gun safe under $500
  • Anti-theft bolt down kit.

  • Expensive.

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#10. SnapSafe Tall Titan Large Digital Modular Safe, Storage for Firearms & Valuables for Home or Office

SnapSafe Tall Titan Large Digital Modular Safe
Check Lowest Price on Amazon

This is a Modular Safe that conveys welded safe security. Offering all the security of a traditional welded safe, however, it is easy to assemble and move anyplace piece by piece. The modular assembly framework bolts the walls together from within and just requires a wrench, which is incorporated into each shipment. When closed and bolted, the vault can’t be dismantled from the outside.

The locking system is at its best, it comes with 8 live-locking bolts and a non-breech seal on the hinge side of the door provide expert grade security that is not found in most residential safes.

Best Fireproof Gun Safe Under $500

It is tested with 2300°F 1 hour fire shield protection. It holds heat-activated door seals. Internal panels are made of magnesium oxide (MgO) and are immune to fire, moisture and mold. With a dimension of 59 x 38 x 17.5 inches, it weighs 397 pounds and can hold 12 guns

Here’s everything the security of a regular, welded safe in a simple-to-assemble important and closet gun vault that moves anyplace piece-by-piece, at that point locks together in minutes without any instruments. Estimating 59″ high and 17 1/2″ profound, Titan home flame safes fit in any storage room – far out – giving your archives, resources, guns, and adornments assurance from shoot and robbery Best Fireproof Gun Safe Under $500.

The Titan secluded safe transforms any storeroom into a storage room vault. Titan includes a 9 space full firearm gun rack. The prescribed limit is 12 long guns when put away in shelves with the muzzles up and down less if your weapons have optics.

  • It is a great aesthetics. best fireproof gun safe
  • Also have strong constructions.
  • Also pre-drilled for mounting.

  • It’s heavy to move around.

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#11. Barska Quick Access Biometric Rifle Safe

Barska Quick Access Biometric Rifle Safe
Check Lowest Price on Amazon

The BARSKA sports optics company is a globally recognised and industry-leading distributor of a wide range of outdoor sports optics products. I am really excited about this safe due to it’s big size. The BARSKA extra large fireproof rifle safe is the first best fireproof gun safe under 300 to be produced in this size, which just helps BARSKA’s reputation shine even brighter.

The BARSKA extra large rifle safe is more than adequate for holding rifles, shotguns, pistols, ammunition, personal items, and other important items for safe keeping. The safe is large enough to hold a rifle with scope and other accessories, as well as a shotgun. However, storing guns with accessories will significantly lessen the amount of storage space inside.

This safe would make a great addition as a home gun safe, as it’s small enough to fit into a large closet, and large enough to fulfill it’s purpose of holding larger firearms along with other items needing safekeeping. The safe’s outer dimensions are 19.8 x 16 x 57 inches — almost 5 feet tall! The safe is advertised as extra large and consequently weighs 139 pounds. Of course, this weight is obviously a plus as it would be hard for someone to just walk off with it.

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The BARSKA biometric rifle safe employs fingerprint technology which BARSKA boasts provides easier access to the contents of the best fireproof gun safe 2021. This feature allows users to store up to 120 unique fingerprints.  Many best fireproof gun safe work best when each fingerprint is stored at several angles.

  • Removable racks for storage space.
  • Revolutionary Biometric Fingerprint Technology capable of storing and recognizing up to 120 different users.
  • Exterior Dimensions: 57 Inches x 13.75 Inches x 13.75 Inches 114 lbs.

  • It’s heavy to move.

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#12. Bio Box – Fireproof Personal Safe

Bio Box - Fireproof Personal Safe
Check Lowest Price on Amazon

Mini Gadgets Incorporated is a company that invests their interest in home security. Many of the company’s products focus on various types of surveillance, security, and even spy-type solutions. Mini Gadgets currently operates their manufacturing warehouse in Marietta, Georgia, which is located on the outskirts of Atlanta. The BIO BOX fireproof personal safe by mini gadgets is an extremely small personal safe, that employs very popular biometric technology.

Dimensions and Capacity

The BIO BOX personal safe lives up to its company’s name, and reputation, for distributing small but quality products. With outer dimensions of only 7.25 inches wide, 10.75 inches long, and 2 inches deep, it can easily hold a number of small personal items including handguns, jewelry, small weapons, pharmaceuticals, important documents, cash, and other small personal valuables.

This safe would be excellent for travel, or storing in your vehicle to keep personal items safe from sticky fingers. I could also see it’s usefulness for storing personal items in an office or other workspace, because it is so small it is easily kept in a drawer to keep valuables safe while away from your desk. This safe would also do justice to simply keeping dangerous items away from small children.

Biometric Fingerprint Technology

The BIO BOX personal safe employs fingerprint technology which aims to provide prompt access to the contents inside. This safe can only store 6 unique fingerprints, which is considerably low compared to similar products in other brands. The best fireproof gun safe reviews uses proprietary fingerprint technology to read unique prints, and opens within one second of fingerprint recognition. The aim of this technology is to provide instant access to contents inside, and BIO BOX does a good job with this task.

  • Fingerprint recognition takes less than ONE second.
    Access control at the touch of a finger, Back up key included.
    Store up to 6 authorized fingerprints.

  • Its not very reliable.


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#13. Rifle Safe Gun Safe Quick Access 5-Gun Shotgun Cabinet

Rifle Safe Gun Safe Quick Access 5-Gun Shotgun Cabinet
Check Lowest Price on Amazon

The new Rifle Safe Gun Safe Quick Access 5-Gun Shotgun Cabinet allows you to keep rifles, guns & ammo stored securely and quickly accessible with a scan of your best fireproof gun safe 2021. The new Silent Access Feature allows you to mute beeping notification.

You can store up to 5 rifles securely with removable storage shelf for guns, ammo, and other valuables. The locking mechanism operates on 5-AA batteries (included).

On the inside, it has 4 barrel rest positions. The outer dimensions are 8.6″ x 9.8″ x 52.17″ and the inside dimensions are: 14”(W) x 13.8”(D) x 57.2”(H). The 13.8″ depth is specially designed for holding rifles or shotguns. These measurements make it slightly smaller than some of Barska’s other rifle safe offerings, and at only 66 pounds in weight, it will need to be bolted down for security.

The Rifle Safe Gun Safe Quick Access 5-Gun Shotgun Cabinet is convenient and opens at the touch of a finger, but only yours! The safe recognizes only the fingerprints you select and does not recognize any others. It has the memory capacity for 120 fingerprints.

The safe offers a manual three point solid dead bolt locking system that can be quickly opened with one hand turn motion.

  • Easy Installation.
  • Reliable Lock Mechanism.
  • Digital/Electronic Gun Safe.
  • Larger & Durable Rifle Safe..

  • Its not very reliable.

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Reasons for Having Fireproof Gun Safe?

This is a typical question that rises up in everybody’s mind, for the most part managing second Amendment Rights and ensuring the person’s entitlement to remain battle ready in their very own home; however, there are numerous reasons why you ought to consider owning a weapon safe. So You should think long term and on the off chance that you do, you’ll end up with a Best Fireproof Gun Safe 2021 that meets your requirements consummately.

Try not to endeavour to spare a buck or two and put resources into a fire resistant safe. Imagine a scenario where you experience a flame in your home. It’s smarter to pay somewhat more and put resources into a fireproof safe.

The incredible thing about the fire resistant safe is that you can pile up such huge numbers of profitable things that you use on a regular schedule. You can even store some garments and sustenance inside in the event. You can favor so and all things considered, you possess profitable papers and valuable photographs so that you basically can’t supplant can be added in the Best Fireproof Gun Safe Reviews.

We aren’t aware when a disaster occurs. At that point,a fire resistant safe is your answer. It is impossible that you will encounter a flame, however, be erring on the side of caution and run the additional mile with an insulated safe.

This rundown of fireproof guns safe reviews includes probably the best fire-proof safes you can buy. Which safe satisfies your needs and spending plan can be the hardest piece of the procedure. Therefore. list will enable you to limit the conceivable results. They will have an additional time enjoying the safer rather investing. All your time and energy looking for the best fireproof gun safe 2021.

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