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If you own a firearm of any kind, you should absolutely own a gun safe. You may have a handgun for self defense purposes, a rifle for hunting  Best Biometric Gun Safe & Best Fingerprint Gun Safe Reviews, or a shotgun for sport shooting – in any case your firearms should be stored in a safe manner where they are safe from those people that should not have access. Biometric (or fingerprint) gun safes have been a recent introduction to the gun safe world and the reception has been fantastic by the firearms community

Gun owners should be obsessive about improving safety levels of all aspects of security surrounding both their firearms and homes. The technology that is being built into gun-safety devices and lock boxes is cutting edge, making it easier to secure your belongings while simultaneously giving Best Fireproof Gun Safe you quicker and easier access to them.

Biometric fingerprint locks are among the latest features to hit the market in this arena. These systems recognize a pre-programmed set of prints, making your valuables and firearms only accessible to people of your own choosing. Whether you are looking to increase the feeling of spy-like security in your arsenal of technology, protecting small 12+ Best Under Bed Gun Safe children in the home, or merely upgrading your safe, biometric fingerprint safes are a move in the right direction.

Top Notch Security

The security of these safes are 10+ Best Liberty Gun Safe unparalleled. They create an ideal solution who for anyone who is debating over keeping a gun in the home over safety concerns. These units function flawlessly, and every swipe of the thumb provides a small thrill as well. Gun safes that use this type of technology come in a variety of forms. Some are designed exclusively as holster locks. Others follow traditional lock-box designs, requiring four fingers to open. More compact units are designed to provide all the storage features of a briefcase with the added bonus of technological superiority. International spies, thieves, and anyone who is a little too nosy will face a barrier that they cannot penetrate.

Many safes are designed specifically to accommodate handguns. However, many people find that they are also valuable for storing items such as birth 11+ Best Winchester Gun Safe 2020 certificates, wills, passports, and other one-of-a-kind documents.

These safes are constructed with fire-proof steel that starts out at around 8-gauge measurements. The average unit requires only one 9-volt battery to function, making it a storage unit that can even be used in a glove box or while on the move. The vast majority of these units are mountable, making it easy to place them in closets and other areas where they are out of the reach of children who might take it upon themselves to investigate.

Should emergencies occur in which you do not have access to the fingerprint pad, back-up override keys will still open the unit. The sophistication of the fingerprint technology will allow the average unit to hold close to 100 different fingerprints in its memory yet it only weighs roughly eight pounds.

Background on Locking Mechanisms

There are some people that might be Best Car Gun Safe thinking that a traditional, manual, combination lock is the only way to go. You know, the kind of safe with a numbered dial that you would see in classic movies. The technology for that style is tried and true – I can’t disagree with that but I do believe that high tech, electronic locks can compete.

For hunters, law enforcement agents and target hobbyists, a secure safe in which to lock firearms is an absolute necessity, particularly for the sake of preventing theft and injuries and/or fatalities resulting from accidents. Although conventional mechanical locks that are opened with a key or by spinning a dial to a certain combination of numbers are still in use, many gun owners are heavily adopting safes with computerized digital locks.

  1. Digital Locks with Keypads
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Digital locks with keypads are advantageous in one respect, they are quicker to open than standard mechanical combination locks. Because a keypad is used in place of a dial, this is helpful to marksmen who are visually impaired. This also means that you can open these safes in the dark much more easily than a manual safe with a numbered dial.

For example, in a YouTube demonstration video for the Dean Safe Company, founder John Dean extols the virtues of digital locks, showing that they are faster and easier to open. “I don’t even need my reading glasses,” he exuberantly remarks. He also points out that an electronic lock user is endowed the ability to change the lock’s combination at his or her discretion and that even though manufacturers recommend replacing the battery on a safe every year, some of these batteries last as long as four, five or even six years.

Conventional Locks

Nonetheless, many users still prefer conventional mechanical locks that use either a key or a numerical combination as electronic locks are often more prone to mechanical failures. Another common problem is that users may sometimes incorrectly change the combination and/or incorrectly remember it.

This creates a situation where the combination cannot be determined by anyone, and this problem can be compounded if the electronic lock has a disabling mechanism that activates after a certain amount of failed attempts to type in the passcode. In most cases like this, the safe has to be drilled open, which certainly necessitates fitting a new lock to the door. This has never happened to me – thank goodness! But you can imagine that the cost of having a professional certified locksmith come out is quite expensive!

Although retailers often point out that customers prefer digital locks, each type of lock has its advantages and drawbacks. Mechanical locks may be awkward for some to open, whereas digital locks sometimes may be prone to sudden and unexpected mechanical glitches. Perhaps whether digital locks are better than their mechanical counterparts depends on what the customer seeks when investing in a safe for storing guns. According to one locksmith from Michigan with over twenty years of experience, “For the convenience of quick opening, the electronic locks can’t be beat. However, for endurance and years of trouble free use, the electronics can’t compare with the dial lock.”

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