Gun Safes: More Children Accidentally Shot. Maybe

This is a topic near and dear to us, here at  A recent piece of research by the New York Timessuggests that there are twice as many accidental deaths of children caused by a gun than originally thought best biometric gun safe.  We don’t have access to the actual information so we can only speak about what was written and the facts involved.

The crux of the research best biometric gun safe reviews is hinged on the fact that some of the children’s deaths that are unintentional are classified as suicide, homicide, or something else.  The classification isn’t intentional and is often completed by coroners or medical examiners.  Here is a quote from the NY Times (linked):

The goal, in the end, was an in-depth portrait of accidental firearm deaths of children best biometric gun safe under $500, one that would shed light on how such killings occur and might be prevented. In all, The Times cataloged 259 gun accidents that killed children ages 14 and younger. The youngest was just 9 months old, shot in his crib.

The NY Times story best fingerprint gun safe provides some very chilling recounts of the actual situations and helps us realize how traumatic the scenario is.  I’ll share some of those later.  Here are some interesting facts that are provided:

  • The Times reviewed reports from 8 states where the data was available. “Georgia, Minnesota, North Carolina and Ohio dating to 1999, and in California to 2007. Records were also best fingerprint gun safe reviews obtained from several county medical examiners’ offices in Florida, Illinois and Texas.” (Source: NYTimes)
  • 259 deaths were reviewed, the deceased were under 15 years old.
  • Intentional shooting deaths of children far exceeds the accidental number of deaths.
  • 93% of shooters were boys and 81% of victims were male. The vast majority of accidental child gun deaths involve males shooting males.
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The writers at the Times are pros so I won’t try to paraphrase this:

“A homicide just means they died at the hands of another,” said Dr. Randy L. Hanzlick, the chief best biometric gun safe 2019 medical examiner for Fulton County, Ga. “It doesn’t really connote there’s an intent to kill.”

These rulings can be wildly inconsistent.

In Bexar County, Tex., for example, the medical examiner’s office issued a finding of homicide in the death of William Reddick, a 9-month-old who was accidentally killed on May 17, 1999, when his 2-year-old brother opened a dresser drawer while in the crib with him, grabbed a pistol and pulled the trigger.

But the next year, when Kyle Bedford, 2, was killed by his 5-year-old brother, who had found a gun on a closet shelf, the same office classified the death as an accident.

Here are a few of the stories:

A few days later in Georgia, Cassie Culpepper, 11, was riding in the back of a pickup with her 12-year-old brother and two other children. Her brother started playing with a pistol his father had lent him to scare coyotes. Believing he had removed all the bullets, he pointed the pistol at his sister and squeezed the trigger. It fired, and blood poured from Cassie’s mouth.

Just a few weeks earlier, in Houston, a group of youths found a Glock pistol in an apartment closet while searching for snack money. A 15-year-old boy was handling the gun when it went off. Alex Whitfield, who had just turned 11, was struck. A relative found the bullet in his ashes from the funeral home.

Obviously, there is tremendous debate over this topic of safe gun storage.  Could a person be held responsible if some kids break into their house and hurt themselves or commit a crime?  The idea best fingerprint gun safe under $500 here is that some of these accidental deaths can be prevented and that is certainly true.  However, the other side of the coin is whether or not a gun owner could access their own gun in ordered to defend them self or their family.

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