Obama Proposes New Executive Actions on Gun Safe Control

Attempt at Reducing Gun Violence

The Obama Administration is bringing forward two new items to reduce gun violence in America.  The reality is that if congress does not provide backing in this proposal then the ability to make a powerful difference is greatly reduced best biometric gun safe 2020.  Vice President Biden, who has been spearheading the effort, stated that ”If Congress won’t act, we’ll fight for a new Congress. It’s that simple. But we’re going to get this done.”

Obama Proposes New Executive Actions

Joe Biden gun control

The first measure is to prohibit military-grade, combat-style weapons that the U.S. sells or donates to allies from being imported back into the United States by private companies or parties best fingerprint gun safe.  This seems like a logical step however, this actually impacts those collecting antique guns from wars in the previous century.  The intent is good but overall the impact will probably be minimal to none to anything to do with the gun violence it is intended to prevent.

Another measure is to keep convicted felons and others that are ineligible to register weapons to register under a corporation or a trust.  In some ways, this seems like a good idea best car gun safe.  However, I do wonder how many people that are ineligible actually go to the trouble to register a gun under a corporation and then commit a crime.  Again, the point is that this measure might just be a waste of time with no real impact.  Great intentions with no impact.

Many citizens contend that the president is trying to use his executive powers to regulate and is failing to actually enforce the many laws that are already on the books, like House Judiciary Committee best fireproof gun safe under 500 Chairman Robert Goodlatte, Rep from Virginia.  New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Boston Mayor Thomas Menino said together in a joint

Obama gun control

statement, ”It’s time for Congress to stop dragging its feet and pass common-sense reforms that keep criminals and the dangerously mentally ill from illegally buying guns.”

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