“Smart Gun” Maker Files Patent for Remote Kill Switch

The smart gun manufacturer Armatix has recently filled out a patent for a remote kill switch for guns. This controversy brings forward many different views on the subject.

The patent states that the gun can be controlled remotely by satellite. This means that anyone, anywhere can turn your gun off and you will not be able to shoot it at all. However, not only can the gun be deactivated but it can also be activated from anywhere. This means that someone else can operate your gun and determine when and where the gun can be fired.

There are a few good things about this new patent, the most obvious of which is if someone is going on a shooting rampage then the gun can be shut off before something the damage worsens. If someone gets ahold of your gun by mistake, you can request the firearm to be remotely turned off so that the person who stole the gun will not do something illegal and you get in trouble for it.

Even there are good things about the patent there are many bad things as well. If a certain gun has a automatic kill switch and it is deactivated during a time that the person is trying to protect themselves, that person holding the gun could potentially be in a deadly situation. If you have a remote kill switch on the gun, then anyone, anywhere can turn your gun off and this is not the freedom to bare arms. Someone else should not have the power to say when you use your gun and when you do not.

Not only are there issues regarding the use of the automatic kill switch for guns but there are issues with certain states trying to make it mandatory for all guns to have this on them. If all guns are mandatory to have a kill switch how are hunters going to hunt for food and how will cops have the ability to defend themselves? If something is going to be patent such as the automatic kill switch for a fire arm then it should be your choice as a citizen rather to use that on your gun or not.

Alana S

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